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MMORPG & RTS combined together
The growth of your own character and the strategic battles are gathered in one game The character that you created rules the world of D.A.L.

Casual strategic simulation game for everyone!
Strategic simulation game is no more difficult to play. In D.A.L, you can enjoy everything the game providing with only casual operation.

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The periodical background of "Darkness and Light" is based on the time before science denied all of the superstitions through the movement called the Industrial Revolution. When magic dealt with the supernatural mystery and science that excluded senseless voluntariness conflicted with each other while being developed, the people who transcended human power detected potential danger of the world. Along this story, the game depicts the antagonism between the transcenders and the human.

What's better than healing diseases with the magic?

In the Dark Ages, the black plague was regarded not as an infectious disease but a curse of God, and people had a belief that being treated by a shaman would heal such horrible disease. Conquering of the world by a person had yet to be made and science gained its credibility with the Ptolemaic system while the world was lighted with a torch. It seemed that it was the world for the king, the nobility, and the knights. Nonetheless, there were hidden powers that had secretly controlled the world, and those powers were the transcenders who were not a human, the Mages that were regarded as both human and non-human, and the hunters.

The vampires, the major power of the dark camp, were the cursed beings with hunger for blood. For them, it was impossible to escape from the desperate starvation until the end of their lives in the world. As the uppermost predators in the food chain pyramid, the vampires had reigned over human being and threatened indolent people with the cue of their existence. However as number of people realized the existence of the vampires, people tried to act against the attack of the vampires.

Imbued Hunter: Drop your humanity as well.

No matter how weak glass-eating animals are, their existence can be a great threat when they get together. As the witch-hunt gets started by the united humans, the tombs of vampires are dug in the daytime and finally, the food chain of the world is reconstructed. Moreover with the appearance of a new group of people who perform an extraordinary ability beyond human power, they start to stand against the supernatural beings that threaten human calling themselves as'Hunters.' The hunters, who are bestowed the superhuman ability through special experiences and awareness, make their step toward the battle field to protect their family believing facing against the darkness is their fate. The violent crash between vampires that aim the vested rights over the world and the hunters who are watching for a chance of rebellion of the mankind are just begun.

The Arcain Secret that was established in 12th century has set the values of the human for a long time as the shadow part of the world. When there is a belief that every disease that human being suffered is originated from a curse, the newly risen power called Scientia tries to drive away such false belief by proving the origin of a disease with a scientific evidence. If science is given to mankind and people can aware the function of the world through science, the mysticism will be rejected and thus, the paradigm of the world will be shifted. The Arcain Secret that is afraid of the influence from the paradigm shift decides to share their power to the darkness as a way to protect mysticism and magic. On the other hand, the scientia that supports the rebellion of human with the power of science cooperates with the power of light to initiate their act for the rational enlightenment suppressing the arbitrary supernatural matters.

This is a war without neutrality.

The supernatural being welwolves that are neither human nor a wolf are the sons of Gaia and a tribe that preserves the coexistence of the three major sources and trinity, the primary force of the world. The trinity of order, chaos, and destruction means creation, life, and balance of the world, and as the order gains its power in the world, the harmony of the trinity gets shaken. Even to the destruction that maintains the harmony of the trinity by ruining civilization and the wildness, the redemption of the order and the chaos, the pace of death is accelerated due to the influence of the abnormal expansion in the world. The welwolves in the chaos fight to prevent the expansion of the order and the destruction, however, they end up being belonged to the darkness by the power of destruction standing against the previous welwolves. The genuine welwolves participate in the power of light with the hunters and the depraved welwolves by the warms fight against the light belonged to the power of darkness.

The story of myth, legend, superstition, magic, heroes, and people is relatively unusual but it is part of our imagination. In the middle of such unusual world view, the rebellion of human who have been yearning to retrieve the world is about to begin. The history of mankind that has been suffered from the supernatural beings will be newly written down by you.

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