Basic Info

MMORPG & RTS combined together
The growth of your own character and the strategic battles are gathered in one game The character that you created rules the world of D.A.L.

Casual strategic simulation game for everyone!
Strategic simulation game is no more difficult to play. In D.A.L, you can enjoy everything the game providing with only casual operation.

Feature Character Story Map


DAL - "Darkness and Light" is a PvP Strategy Siege Game. In this game, you can choose a character and raises him a battlefield hero by repelling the enemies with strong weapons and magic skills. Ultimately, it aims to conquer the base camp of the opponent. The concept of DAL is based on the final war between the power of the dark and the light, and the world view and the atmosphere of the Middle Ages as well as the characters and UI are adopted to the Isometric view (Quarter view) like RTS.

While playing the game, users can find it is interesting as they defeat and gain a victory through level-up, which is the amusement of a RPG game, PvP, the party play, the item enchantment, and so on.

Unlike the existing complicated RTS games, it allows manipulation of only a single hero character, thus, it is easy to operate and control.

In every game, there are various versions and unique episodes to attract the interest of the players.

With the dozens of playable character, the players find it is fun and interesting to play.

While battling with the opponents with a careful strategy that compensates weaknesses of team members, players find it fun as a party play of RPG.

System Recommendation

  Minimum Recommendation
OS Windows 2000 and XP Windows 2000 and XP
CPU Pentium 3 1.0G Pentium 4 2.8G
RAM 256M 512M or higher
Graphics Card Geforce 2 MX 400 Geforce FX5600 or higher
DirectX 9.0c or higher 9.0c or higher
Network High speed broadband High speed broadband

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