Cosmic Break Robots

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Sizes & Types Parts & Status
Robot Structure

Robots are made up of parts which fall into the following main categories: Head (HD), Body (BD), Arm (AM), Booster (BS), and Leg (LG). In addition, they may be equipped with a variety of main/sub weapon type parts, Wonder Bits (EX) parts, and a few other special types parts. Experiment with various part and weapon combinations to develop your own customized robots.

Robot Structure

Robot Status

You may view the specs of each of your robots from the garage.

Robo's Parts structure

Robo's Parts structureA
1. Robot display
You may change the display by clicking the following buttons.
1. IDLE: Displays the robot standing still.
2. WALK: Displays the robot walking.
2. Change name
Allows you to change the robot's name.
3. Change comment
Allows you to write a comment about the robot.
4. Cost
Displays the robot's cost. Equipping powerful parts and weapons will increase cost, meaning that stronger robots will use up more BP when destroyed in battle.
5. HP
Displays the robot's HP. Robots lose HP when damaged and explode if their HP reaches zero.
6. Type
Displays the robot's type. The four robot types are: Land (LND), Air (AIR), Artillery (ART), and Support (SUP).
7. Size
Displays the robot's size. The three sizes
are Small (S), Medium (M), and Large (L)
8. Status
Displays the robot's basic status.
1. Strength (STR): Determines the attack power of melee attacks.
2. Tech (TEC): Determines the attack power of ranged attacks.
3. Walk (WLK): Determines the speed of ground movement.
4. Fly (FLY): Determines the speed of flight.
5. Tough (TGH): Determines the probability of being stunned by enemy attacks. High TGH will also decrease the damage a robot sustains from successive hits.
Robot Status B
9. Part
Displays the parts that make up the robot.





Robot Status C

When a robot gains enough EXP to level up, it will be able to activate a special cartridge. Cartridges enable various custom abilities and special status boosts.

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