SUNWALKER Hits Oculus Rift Soon

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SUNWALKER is an open-story adventure videogame with a focus on exploration. Users take on the role of Anne, a survivor in a world where global warming has become a very real reality and the protection offered by the planet has dissipated to the point where being outside in direct sunlight for any length of time becomes dangerous.  Players must take Anne out into that world, protecting her from that which once helped sustain life by manipulating the environment to shield her.


Currently SUNWALKER is a single player experience although the developer confirms that Hack/Paint’s future goals will definitely include co-operative gameplay. Although before they get to that SUNWALKER is already turning heads, winning ‘Best In Play’ from GDC’s 2018 Play awards.


SUNWALKER is made with Unity and is currently confirmed as to coming to Oculus Rift recently.



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