VR Dungeon Knight Update with More dangerous Dungeon

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Today, the developer announced the version 0.8.1 update of VR Dungeon Knight, their Dungeon VR Title which is in Early Access on Steam, with support for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This update includes more than just the inclusion of new hidden traps to vex would-be adventurers, but a rework of the title’s graphics, drop-in co-op action and more.

In VR Dungeon Knight, you will take on the eponymous roles of the Dungeon Knight, a warrior who once upon a time was the defender of the world from everything evil. Having slain all that stood before them, they ushered in an era of peace… But peace never lasts forever, for as the story of the Dungeon Knight has become legend so to has a new force, a Necromancer, risen to lay claim to the world and the legacy of that which came before.

VR Dungeon Knight

Choosing one of six classes you’re able to make your way down into the depths as the new Dungeon Knight, dealing with any trouble along the way way in the manner best fitting your class. Be that annihilating them with your magical abilities, putting them to the sword or filling them full of arrows.

VR Dungeon Knight

In addition, Wolfdog Interactive have confirmed they’ll be hosting a Twitch livestream on April 5th at 8 PM CEST where they’ll be taking questions about the title and giving some insight into future updates.

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