Pokémon Go Eggstravaganza Event Returns

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Players of the hugely popular Pokémon Go augmented reality (AR) mobile title will be pleased to know that the special egg themed event has returned this year.

Pokémon Go Eggstravaganza

Titled the Pokémon Go Eggstravaganza event, players will be able to enjoy a number of benefits during a the event period. Being Easter, and given the title of the event, it will be focusing on Pokémon eggs that trains are able to hatch.

This time around players will be able to hatch an even greater variety of Pokémon from eggs as rare Pokémon that are normally found in 5km or 10km eggs will now hatch from 2km eggs. This also means that only 2km eggs will be available to pick up from PokéStops during the eggstravaganza event, but that is all players will need in order to find new Pokémon. This includes the likes of Wynaut or Ralts, and there will also be an increased hatch rate of certain Pokémon such as Pichu and Togepi.

Pokémon Go Eggstravaganza

Lastly the in-game shop will also feature a number of special boxes to help give players additional items when it comes to hatching eggs including Super Incubators and Star Pieces.

The event starts tomorrow, 22nd March at 8pm GMT, and lasts until 2nd April at 9pm BST. Players wanting to make the most of the event better start getting their eggs in order and find their walking shoes.


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