Qualcomm And Tobii Partnership Looks For Better AR/VR Eye-Tracking

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Eye-tracking technology has a number of benefits for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), allowing for a range of improvements to immersive experiences. As demand for the technology rises, Qualcomm are poised to meet it thanks to its collaboration with Tobii.


Tobii and Qualcomm have partnered in order to create a full reference design and development kit for the Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile VR platform, which integrates Tobii’s EyeCore eye-tracking hardware and algorithms.

Eye-tracking can be used to benefit VR and AR in a variety of ways. This includes techniques such as foveated rendering, which allows for processing power to be focussed on the area the user is currently looking at, with graphics out of their field of view rendered in lower quality, thus saving on power and increasing efficiency.


The technology also allows for better hand-eye coordination within the VR world, creating more natural interactions, and can be used to allow for users to make eye-contact with other virtual avatars, facilitating an important part of human interaction.


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