Floor Plan Hits PSVR Next Week

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Recently, the developers Turbo Button have now confirmed that Floor Plan, a novel take on the adventure/puzzle title, as everything takes place within the confines of an elevator, will be available on PlayStation VR next week. In the creation of Floor Plan, the developers chose to draw upon the mechanics and gameplay elements of classic point-and-click adventure titles like the classic Lucasarts series Monkey Island, but redeveloped for virtual reality (VR).

Floor Plan PSVR

Players will find themselves inside an elevator, and need to head to each floor to solve a puzzle, with each floor forming a smaller part of a larger puzzle. The ultimate goal is to acquire space suit parts, and in order to do this, the floors need to be done in a certain order, as some objects acquired on one floor become vitally important for solving the puzzle on another floor.

Floor Plan PSVR

Floor Plan uses absurdist, slapstick humour to ad a touch of whimsy to the title, featuring a cast of unusual characters for the player to interact with, such as a paradoxically shivering snowman, some of whom will provide you with objects you need for other puzzles.

Floor Plan is planned for release on the PlayStation VR next week. A precise date and price point has yet to be confirmed. For more details, please keep following us.

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