Israeli Entrepreneur Launches New Mixed Reality Company

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Israel-based entrepreneur Alon Melchner is continuing his involvement with the immersive technology industry with the launch of his latest venture, a new mixed reality (MR) start-up called Mixed Place.

Mixed Place

Mixed Place has closed a seed funding round totalling $750,000 (USD), led by Israeli company PPI Worldwide Group. Melchner’s new enterprise has filed 17 patent applications for technology which will allow users to create MR content.

Melchner was previously known for being the founder and CEO of augmented reality (AR) firm WakingApp, which was founded in 2012. WakingApp allowed non-developers to create interactive AR content. Mixed Place will similarly allow users to design, build and share digital overlays which will be accurately integrated into the real world.

Mixed Place

Melchner has revealed his certainty that MR technology will have a huge impact on a huge range of industries and sectors, including tourism, education, infrastructure and retail among others. Furthermore, he has predicted that AR or MR smartglasses will begin to replace smartphones as a preferred display device.


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