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Recently, Epic Games announced a new mode called Teams of 20 for Fortnite. There will be 5 teams of 20 in this new PvP mode where you will duel it out until the end. While the game is already hectic as it is, you will now be competing against four other teams to come out victorious. This will involve strategy, communication, and definitely some aiming skills. There are also many other updates to look forward to.

Upcoming Fortnite modes include:

- Blitz Mode (shorter matches!)

- Drop into the first circle

- Generally less time between circles

- Team sizes in between 50-versus-50 and squads

- 50-versus-50 version 2


Epic Games has stated that the new game mode will be releasing tomorrow, March 8th. Make sure to check out the new PvP mode called the Teams of 20 on that day.



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