Twilight Path Coming For HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Later This Year

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Charm Games cemented its reputation as a virtual reality (VR) puzzle maker last year when it launched the beautifully designed and dream like experience FORM. Recently, the studio has unveiled its next project, another puzzle style videogame called Twilight Path.

Twilight Path is another otherworldly adventure, this time however players will encounter wandering spirits, enchanted sentries and mischievous gods. Players find themselves trapped in a mystical spirit world between the real world and the afterlife. To escape, they’ll need to solve puzzles, reshape and restore massive stone structures, open sealed passageways, and rescue a host of magical creatures from danger.

Twilight Path

Charm Games has ensured that Twilight Path has as fewer restrictions as can be that could hamper the gameplay experience. So players will find no timers, no death or uncomfortable movement, making sure as wider audience as possible will be able to enjoy Charm Games’ latest production.

Twilight Path


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