Dino Hunter Island 359 Steam Early Access Coming Next Week

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Dinosaur fans are in for a treat over the next couple of months as two big dino filled titles are coming to virtual reality (VR) headsets. For those that want a part action, part educational experience Snail Games’ ARK Park will be released next month. For a purely action oriented adventure, CloudGate Studio has confirmed that Island 359 will be leaving Early Access next Monday, 26th February, 2018.

Dino Hunter Island 359

As part of next weeks launch, CloudGate Studio will be introducing a new survival mode that aims to truly test your skills on a huge six square mile jungle island, teeming with hungry dinosaurs. Dropped in alone, you’ll have barely any gear and there won’t be any of the loot drops from the main campaign to rely on. You need to venture out into the dangerous jungle to look for supplies, encountering raptors, T-Rex’s and more. Then it’s all about finding a safe place to camp as it gets even more dangerous at night.

Dino Hunter Island 359

Survival Mode means not only choosing strategically sound weapons but also what can be carried in the backpack. Players will need to hoard crafting supplies, and head to one of the numerous crafting tables on the island to create even better tools, weapons or food. The military grade holographic smartwatch will help players monitor their stamina and health, resting in found beds or pitching their tent, as well as managing hunger through both man-made and naturally found consumables.


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