More Screenshots Appear Ahead Of The Wizards Launch

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Steam Early Access can sometimes seem like a long process with some videogames spending years in the development void. That’s not been the case for Carbon Studio and its magical adventure experience The Wizards. First announced in early 2017, the videogame came to Early Access last summer offering the chance to become a powerful wizard. As VRFocus reported this week, The Wizards now has a full release date. And to whet your appetite for it, Carbon Studio has released a few more screenshots.

The Wizards

These new screenshots showcase how far The Wizards has come graphically, offering richly detailed worlds and monstrous creatures with which you have to do battle.

The Wizards

The videogame is all about spell casting, so rather than having an inventory of spells which you can select and use, you have to learn specific hand-gestures to control elemental attacks like fire and lightning. This aids that sense of immersion when casting and fighting enemies, making you feel like a powerful wizard once you’ve upgraded some of the spells.

The Wizards

The Wizards will finally leave Early Access on 8th March, 2018, retailing on both Steam and the Oculus Store for $20 USD. Carbon Studio will be adding three new stages including two boss fights in the full release, alongside six new spell upgrades for ultimate wizardry, a new battle arena, and Steam Achievements.

The Wizards


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