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RollerCoaster Legends is rolling onto PlayStation VR soon, and there’s a brand new trailer embedded below which was posted on the PlayStation Japan YouTube account. Despite it being a Japanese trailer you don’t have to worry too much, all of the text in the trailer is in English. Handy for us, but it does make you wonder how the intended audience was supposed to be able to read it.

In the trailer we see a rollercoaster powering through some mineshafts before taking us through the Temple of Poseidon, with Greek ampitheatres placed atop rock formations which have no discernible way of getting there without a rollercoaster. Clearly rollercoasters were an important mode of transportation in these ancient caverns, as evidenced by the ancient rickety tracks, but we are dubious of the structural integrity of the cavern. There are flaming rocks falling from the ceiling, after all.

RollerCoaster Legends

Next up is The River Styx, the legendary river which the souls of the dead travel down before being trapped eternally in the afterlife. In the trailer we dive directly into the river – shockingly, no signs of dead people nor ghosts. Somewhat underwhelming.

RollerCoaster Legends

In addition, Developer WarDucks has previously worked on Sneaky Bears, the evil teddy bear destruction game.


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