BOUNCE Available With Viveport Subscription

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BOUNCE, a physics based puzzler, is available on Viveport. Viveport subscribers can download the videogame for free. In BOUNCE you’ll be placing a complicated series of tubes, platforms and technology together in order to guide simple balls to a goal. Using treadmills and bounce pads, you’ll create elaborate solutions to navigate your ball to the goal.

It won’t be that simple though, as you’ll be having to avoid lasers and other obstacles that can most certainly ruin your trajectory. You’ll have to worry about the physics of course, but also your timing as you embark on a quest to solve all of the puzzles in the game.


Although the videogame is on Viveport, you can also get BOUNCE on Oculus Rift now, as it was released for the head-mounted display in the Summer of last year.



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