Teaser Trailer Released for Rhythm Action Game Beat Saber

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Rhythm action videogames have become a popular genre in virtual reality (VR), with the likes of AudioShield, BOXVR, Thumper and many more available, each offering its own take. Recently, the studio Hyperbolic Magnetism has released the first gameplay video for Beat Saber, a sword swinging and beat slicing experience title.


Just like any rhythm videogame, the essence is to interact with objects at specific times to the music, made all the more difficult by fast beats and specific actions. In Beat Saber, you’re equipped with two light sabers which need to cut boxes flying at you in rapid succession. Each box has an arrow indicating which way you need to slice – up,down, left, right. The more accurate you are with slice will up your multiplier and in turn your high score.


Unlike some titles which let you add your own music to play to, Beat Saber’s music is composed to perfectly fit the hand made levels. There will be a quick-play mode for those times where you want a short session lasting a few minutes, then a campaign mode for hours and hours of beat slicing gameplay.

Source: vrfocus

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