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The following are the headsets that have been officially announced, and the general minimum specifications are the same:

Each of the headsets will offer Motion Controller support, but not every headset will ship with a pair in the box. The Dell Visor, for instance, offers them in a bundle for an extra $100. Otherwise, each of these headsets are close enough in features and functionality that choosing between them will likely come down to their looks, and perhaps some additional software provided by each manufacturer.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset


Acer’s headset was the first full-fledged Windows Mixed Reality headset to hit the market, and it set the stage for the next few coming out at the end of 2017. In our opinion, the headset wasn’t comfortable enough or priced low enough compared to what else is available on the market.

Asus Windows Mixed Reality headset


Asus’ Windows Mixed Reality will be differentiated from the other headsets by its unique design, incorporating hundreds of 3D polygons for a glossy tone-on-tone effect. The headset will weigh less than 400 grams, and it will utilize a balanced crown design for greater comfort, by reducing pressure on the user’s face and nose.

Dell Visor

Dell named its Windows Mixed Reality headset the Visor, and it boasts an adjustable headband and extra cushioning for greater comfort. The Dell Visor is available today for $350, without controllers, or $450 with controllers.

Lenovo Explorer


The Lenovo Explorer is also available now, and it’s slightly differentiated from the others by building in support for a mouse and keyboard. In addition, Lenovo will be providing its own apps, along with access to more than 100 upscaled VR games, both of which will be accessible through its Lenovo Entertainment Hub. The Lenovo Explorer will weigh 380 grams, and is perhaps the most conservatively styled of the early Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

HP Windows Mixed Reality headset


The HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset is available now, and it follows the same basic format as the rest of the Windows Mixed Reality stable. HP added in a knob to make adjusting headset size easier, and the design is relatively conservative, but otherwise, you won’t find much that’s different here.

Samsung Odyssey


Microsoft announced the new Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality headset at the October 3 event, and it brings some advantages over the other headsets. Most significantly, Samsung’s version offers larger and higher resolution AMOLED displays compared to the competition, at 3.5 inches and with a resolution of 1,440 x 1,600. The headset’s field of view is also greater at 110 degrees, versus the usual 95 degrees. Not surprisingly, the Samsung Odyssey is more expensive than the other headsets currently on the market, at $500 with controllers.

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