Seeking Dawn Closed Beta Available on Jan 30th

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Multiverse Entertainment recently announced that the Closed Beta and pre-order applications of Seeking Dawn,their big sci-fi RPG VR title,  will be rolled out on Jan. 30th, 2018. Also, there are no details about which platforms the beta will support. Multiverse Entertainment has confirmed both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift would see the first versions.

Seeking Dawn is an expansive sci-fi adventure for VR players set on a hostile alien world full of dangerous creatures and hidden secrets. Whilst being a first-person shooter (FPS) first and foremost, the videogame includes a survival element where resources are limited so players must venture out to scavenge for supplies, craft weapons and equipment for protection. The deep crafting system will let you tinker with 50+ tools for combat and survival.

Seeking Dawn

Featuring a campaign designed for both single-player and co-op multiplayer gaming, Seeking Dawn will also include PvP gameplay for up to 20 players. Full movement options will also featuring so players will be able to climb, swim and run through the hostile environment.

Seeking Dawn


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