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Recently, Google Earth VR got a new update, which made the world not only faster but also easier to explore. The update is centred around Street View. Before, users were able to fly down to street level, check their controller to see if a 360-degree photo was available and dive right in. They would then need to exit that photo (or sphere) to find another, which made the process rather clunky.

Google Earth VR

Now as long as an adjacent 360-degree photo exists, you’ll be able to stroll along the streets and roads as if you’re there. This is achieved by selecting the preview sphere by pulling the trigger, rather than putting the sphere on your head like before. You then aim the pointer in the direction of the next sphere to move onwards, helping you stay immersed for longer.

Google Earth VR

Alongside the Street View addition, Google has been working to make changes that more efficiently use a customers bandwidth, resulting in faster load times. This will improve imagery load times on Internet connections that may have been slow in the past.


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