Bombyx Combines First- And Third-Person In VR

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Today, Particle Storm launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new VR Shooter, Bombye. Seeking to complete the development of an impressive looking prototype, Particle Storm has set the funding goal at a surprisingly low £6,123 GBP.

Bombyx is an odd but intriguing mash-up of first- and third-person action wherein the player can take control of various different elements on the battlefield; control the avatar from the Navigator, jump down to the over-the-shoulder view and remote control the Navigator, or jump the avatar into the ship and enter gunship mode. All of this conducted in real-time under the advances of enemy fire.


Bombyx will combine the bullet-hell action with light puzzle and quest elements. In order to entice VR gamers to fund the project, Particle Storm is offering access to the videogame beginning at $16 USD. This will entitle any backers to alpha access as well as a final release edition when completed. Other funding tiers include a physical distribution Bombyx (SD Card or USB Flash Drive) at $128 and a handmade wooden box for collectors at $256.



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