Rec Room Updates with New Sandbox Items and Outfit Slots

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Today, the developer Against Gravity announced the latest update which includes new sandbox items and outfit slots for their VR Puzzle title, Rec Room. From now on, players can create and share their own personal online space.

Rec Room

Just like a traditional Clubhouse, the Rec Room version operates just the same, as a place for you and your mates to hang out online, designed how you like to suit your requirements, with some added Rec Room additions. The idea behind it was to allow players the option to save their creations and move Rec Room towards a more user generated experience.

Rec Room

Additionally, saved rooms also include all environment objects, Maker Pen creations, Sandbox Machine items, whiteboard drawings, photos taken with the Rec Room camera, etc. Interested gamers can check its official page to learn more details.

Rec Room

Rec Room

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