Payday 2 VR Beta Update with New Levels and Smooth Locomotion

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Recently, the developer Overkill announced the latest update for Paday 2 VR Beta, in which you will enjoy new levels and Smooth Locomotion. With the first major update for Payday 2 VR supported Oculus Rift, the developer continued to listen to community feedback as is evident with the launch of the beta 1.4 update.

Payday 2 VR Beta Update

In addition to this new content, Overkill has brought smooth locomotion, dubbed ‘direct movement’ by the development team, to Payday 2 VR. Players can now choose to play with either ‘Dash + Direct’ movement or ‘Dash’ only.

Payday 2 VR Beta Update

Interested gamers can check below to learn more details about this update.

Update VR Beta 1.4 Changelog

Update sizes:

- Beta 1.31 – Beta 1.4 – 1,2Gb

- Main Branch to Beta 1.4 – 94,9Mb


- Added Dash + Direct movement system for HTC vive and oculus

- Fixed and issue where the hands and weapons would lag behind when dashing

Payday 2 VR Beta Update


- Added The Basics – Stealth

- Added The Basics – Loud

- Added the Reservoir Dogs Heist

- Added the Watchdogs job

- Added the Prison Nightmare job

- Added the Nightclub


- Added the China Puff 40mm

- Added the GL40

- Added the Piglet


- Added reload animations for Shotguns

- Added reload animations for Revolvers

- Added reload animations for Grenade Launchers

- Added visual shotgun shells for the manual reload system

- Added visual grenades for grenade launchers for the manual reload system

- Added visual bullets for revolvers for the manual reload system

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