[NSFW] Adult VR GAMES Collection - Episode 1

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Here is a comprehensive look at Adult VR Games, VR porn games, sexy VR games or whatever else you want to describe them as. Stepping beyond regular VR porn, these games fully immerse the player and with more developers experimenting with the medium it’s getting better.

In this episode, we'd like to introduce 

VRGirlz Lucid Dreams II Demo
Waifu Simulator
VR Model Viewer
Femdomination –
X Moon Productions
Playclub – Illusion
Eva Galaxy Evolution
Hot Apartment VR

VRGirlz Lucid Dreams II Demo

I sampled the delights of the Lucid Dreams II demo using the Vive which also works natively with the Rift too. This doesn’t have native Vive support so you have to download the latest 0.4 Revive injector , unzip the file in the demo directory (where the game executable is) and then paste the demo launch exe into the injector to run. You’ll also need to have Oculus Home installed and the option to allow third party programs to run ticked in the settings.

Once inside you’re treated to some high res full 3D scans of naked women in various poses – there’s a certain artistic merit here. There’s no interaction or movement and they are freeze framed which is a bit spooky. However, using room-scale and a gamepad to move about you can get into some really interesting positions, and I mean really interesting! The direction here is pretty amazing stuff from a technical point of view and obviously from an artistic one as well and begs the question what if you could interact or they actually moved? Surely this is the future of adult entertainment. There are plans to make these models animated in the future which seems like a natural progression.

UPDATE: A recent new demo build is available now which features the same models and poses but this time they are slightly animated with breathing and is now fully Vive supported.


VR Titties

Moving on, the other experience I tried was with a game that’s been developed for quite some time. I remember playing a demo on the DK 2 some years ago. Well, since then the game has evolved quite a bit and you might have heard of it. VR Titties version.19 which has you interacting with a 3D avatar in a few scenes. This doesn’t natively support the Vive unlike the Rift and requires using the injector method I mentioned earlier. You’ll also need a controller to move about. This is a pretty neat package now where you can customize the look of the male and female model, put on clothes and even add some story role play elements. There’s two fields of view, one where you’re looking from the male POV and the other where you can freely move around – again room-scale is pretty neat here. This is a cool program which is only lacking in more animations, voice acting, better interface and touch/wands interactions. You can support the project which continually gets updated by visiting the creator’s Patreon page.

pornhub video 


Virt-A-Mate from MeshedVR – 1.2 version released

Developer MeshedVR is making some good progress with his Virt-A-Mate experience. You can now download a free demo to try out to get a taste of what to expect. Offer some support on Patreon and you’ll get some extras. As of now this is a fantastic demo showcasing some excellent physics and great character models to move and play with. He’s just released version 1.2 demo which adds secondary characters and a selection of animated scenes. Those who opt for the highest tier can also create/record their own animations.

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