The Indie Games We Can't Wait to Play in 2018

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While everyone else is getting excited about blockbuster triple-A games for 2018 like Far Cry 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, and (hopefully) Crackdown 3 for Xbox One X, we’ve been thinking about the little guys of the gaming world. Smaller teams can lead to a more direct vision and culminate in some truly creative experiences: think Jonathan Blow’s seminal work Braid, or the brilliance that is Undertale, and let’s not forget one of the best indie games ever made: Spelunky.


From Fez to Papers, Please, or Bastion to Don’t Starve, we’re excited about next year because there are some incredible looking indie games on our digital wish list. Some are sequels, some are from seasoned development teams and some are debuts, but regardless, these are the biggest and best indie games you want to keep firmly on your radar.

1. Super Meat Boy Forever

To say that a sequel to 2010’s Super Meat Boy is long-awaited would be a massive understatement. This new title will be a different game, since designer Edmund McMillen (originally part of Team Meat) won’t be returning. It seems we’re getting Super Meat Boy Forever in 2018 sans-McMillen as he’s off making his own games (The End is Nigh, The Binding of Isaac), with a new team of co-founder Tommy Refenes and Kyle Pulver at the helm of Meat Boy.


While retaining the aesthetic and daft charm of the original (and the Flash game that preceded it), Super Meat Boy Forever is going to play differently. Instead of giving full freedom of motion to the player, Forever is a runner-style game that just asks you to control Meat Boy’s jumping and attack power. Leaning on elements that are often used in mobile games (in fact, it’s coming to mobile devices along with PS4, Xbox, Windows PCs, and Nintendo Switch), you can jump and attack as you run though levels, sliding under obstacles and again trying to beat nemesis Dr Fetus, who's now kidnapped your child, Nugget. It doesn’t appear that it’ll be any less weird, judging from the trailers, and hopefully it’ll be just as wonderful. We can’t wait.

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