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Puzzle-based titles seem to do particularly well in virtual reality (VR). Perhaps the ability to examine the puzzle from any angle, or the addictive nature of puzzle titles benefiting from the immersive environment. Whatever the reason, independent developer Devious Technologies hopes to take advantage of this with the release of its latest VR title, a physics-based puzzle title Marble Land.


For those who remember classic videogame Marble Madness, or the boardgame/toy hybrid Screwball Scramble, the premise of Marble Land will be familiar. The basic goal is to interact with the environment to allow a blue marble to reach the end goal. There are several different structures which can be manipulated with different mechanics for each one, such as changing the direction of the marble, or teleporting it elsewhere. Players can use an unlimited number of marbles in their effort to figure out the correct route to get the marble to the goal.
There are 45 levels in all, using a unique art style meant to resemble an alien planet, designed to provide an attractive backdrop to the complex Rube-Goldberg devices that the player must guide their marble through.


“Marble Land takes an old school concept – the marble game – and makes it fresh with cutting edge technology and ingenious design”, said George Tudor, the CEO of Devious Technologies. “The game’s enchanting environments are the perfect way to escape reality for a few moments. The increasing difficulty of each puzzle poses challenges that engage players’ mind revealing a captivating visual and intellectual odyssey.”
Marble Land is available now on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rif. The title is currently available with a 15% launch discount, reducing the price to £9.68 from the usual price of £11.39. A Samsung Gear VR version is expected to be released later this month, and Devious Technologies plan to launch a version for PlayStation VR and Google Daydream in early 2018.
The launch trailer is available to view below.

Source: vrfocus

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