Dark Eclipse Reveales New Gameplay Details

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Recently, the developer announced that their PSVR MOBA, Dark Eclipse, would make its western playable debut at PlayStation Experience this month. Here we will show you some new details on exactly how attendees and eventually players around the world will play in the videogame.

Dark Eclipse

One of the unique mechanics of Dark Eclipse is the ability to control three characters on the battlefield simultaneously. Originally Sunsoft experimented with having one player controlling up to five characters, however during playtesting the team found that three felt good. A range of characters are planned for the videogame, including human-like characters called the Heroes and monster-like characters called the Dominators. There are over 20 characters planned for launch.

Dark Eclipse

In addition to the multiplayer gameplay modes, Dark Eclipse will also include the option to play solo, offline. There are practice mode and tutorials, as well as a mode for player vs A.I. bots. There will be rewards as players gain more experience, and once you reach the highest experience level you will be prepared to take on other live players.

With regards to input systems, Dark Eclipse will support both PlayStation Move and DualShock 4 controllers. A virtual hand will be present on-screen, with a trigger press used to grab objects and interact with the UI.

Dark Eclipse

Dark Eclipse will be coming to America in Spring 2018, with the first English language playable demo set to be available at PlayStation Experience 2017.


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