Let’s See what the Assassin in Revelation Online is all about

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The Assassin class for Revelation Online brings a whole new dimension to taking down your foe, as you select your target and eliminate them at a rapid pace as part of the Shadowblade update.

Founded by Night Shadow, the Assassin's school was discovered by a devoted follower of the Yellow Warden, who executed whoever he deemed to be guilty, regardless of whether they were demon or human.

Players who don the Assassin will be using shadow mist as a dark cloak, aiding you with the element of surprise against unaware enemies, whilst also having mid-range attacks that are just as effective in your arsenal.

Assassins are strongest when focusing on single targets, whilst wielding a dagger and chain. With a potent cocktail of stealth and finesse, the Assassin sifts through the battlefield to set ambushes and destroy their targets in the blink of an eye.


The combat style revolves around single-target assassination and subterfuge through physical melee combat. It isn't the easiest of classes to control, as it requires fast and tactical decisions being made, though it will be one of the more rewarding classes to be featured in Revelation online.


A particular strength of the Assassin is that you will be fleet-footed and lightly armored, making you the first in line for movement in combat. Frontline battles aren't ideal nor sustainable for this particular class, so be sure to utilize it wisely. Team Position for the class will be Backline Assassin, using stealth to bypass danger and reaching unaware targets.


Overall, we had a positive feeling about this new addition to Revelation Online. The class animations are fancy, the class is definitely fun to play, and perhaps challenging to master. If you are looking for a less generic approach to the whole assassin setting, this might just be the right avatar for you.  Get back into Revelation Online and try the all-new Assassin that comes in both genders but limited races. 

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