​Revelation Online Assassin Class Thoughts and Overview

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Revelation Online gives its players a lot of options in terms of classes, but one they have been eagerly waiting on is the Assassin Class. After all, who doesn't want to be stealthy like a Ninja in order to make their enemies "go away". The class is going to be very different from all others in the game, not the least of which is because the class will be the only one with literal Stealth skills. This will severely change the gameplay, which many are looking forward to.

The class is available now in Revelation Online, and the trailer shows off the skills of them in great detail. For as seen in the trailer, these characters use great speed and precision to do damage up close and from afar. Not to mention they use their abilities to dodge attacks, making them incredibly hard to hit.


The Assassin class will use a dagger and a whip chain as their weapons. This actually gives them the ability to fight at both close and long range, whatever the situation calls for. Also, if the trailer is to be a literal interpretation of abilities for the class, the Assassin will also be able to create clones of itself in battle, allowing them to overwhelm their opponents to get the upperhand.



Oh, and they have a really cool bike in the trailer that has a massive whip chain of sorts. I bet a lot of people hope that's in the game as well.

The Assassin class is now available in Revelation Online, you should definitely give it a try!

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