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There was a time when shooters weren't about strategy, they were about blowing stuff up, killing bad guys, and saving the day with the most bullets possible. One of the games that personified this was Serious Sam. And now, you get the chance to experience one of his adventures in a whole new way, through VR. Because Serious Sam 3 VR BFE Edition is here, and with it comes a whole new level of fun, and a fresh new experience.


This game is technically a prequel the original Serious Sam title, and as such you'll be fighting a legion of monsters and soldiers wielded by the evil Mental. Shoot them down, blow them up, and make sure they don't come back. Oh, and don't die, that would be bad.

Via the VR headset you'll take on enemies by the dozens, by the hundreds, and watch as they all get mowed down by you. There's no cover system here, you just need to keep holding that trigger button, and make sure that your gun is better than everything they have. How can you ensure that? Well, Serious Sam 3 VR BFE Edition allows you to dual-wield weapons! So now, you can have double the firepower to mow down your enemies. Cool right?

Then, if you want a more personal challenge, the game also has multiplayer you can use to battle against your friends! See who is the better user of not just the VR, but of your weapons. Or, if you're looking for something more unique, try creating something for the game via the Steam Workshop. After which you can download other players creations to see what their minds have come up with.

Worried about how the VR will treat you? Don't, the game is outfitted with many ways to measure movement, including teleportation. So strap in, load up, and get serious...Sam.

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