Ghosts In The Toybox: Chapter 1 Released for PSVR

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Today, the developer Viewpoint Games announced that Ghosts In The Toybox: Chapter 1, their FPS VR Title on Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream, has been available on PSVR. In Ghosts In The Toybox: Chapter 1, things have gone slightly awry in Professor Milestone’s laboratory. His latest experiment has trapped a bunch of playful  poltergeists in toys – some cuddly, some not so – all around his house and it’s up to you to find them and release them from their patchwork prisons.

With a single gameplay mode, you need to o use a mixture of weapons and environmental objects to succeed in your mission, from throwing bottle caps and using toy bow and arrows, to fixed gun emplacements, harpoons to fling enemies around and even the odd buzz saw or two for some more carnage, there’s plenty of choice on offer.

Ghosts In The Toybox: Chapter 1

Once the campaign has been completed you’ll unlock the arcade level challenges for more gameplay mayhem. Additionally, those with a keen eye may discover a few hidden items within each level.

Interested PSVR owners can download Ghosts In The Toybox: Chapter 1 from the PSVR Store with $14.99 USD.


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