Megalith - Hero Shooter Would Be Available on PSVR Next Year

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Megalith, an action-packed hero shooter developed by a team of veteran multiplayer-focused developers, will be available on PSVR soon. Players will take control of large titans that tower over the rest of the levels and give players extreme powers. Each of the titans will play very differently, such as some being ranged, some being melee, some a hybrid, and so on.

Megalith sounds like a hybrid hero shooter meets small-scale MOBA, meets competitive action game. The MOBA elements come into play because each titan will have access to “disciples” on the ground that follow and obey your orders, so your objective for the game is to usher disciples towards a designated portal location via a “symbiotic” relationship. When you add in the need to fight off other players’ titans, things can get hectic. As of now, matches are arranged in a 2v2 (two player titans plus disciples vs. two player titans plus disciples) setup, but a good amount of gameplay variety is planned.


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