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Last month Gunfire Games announced that its next title, From Other Suns, was available for pre-order on the Oculus Store for Oculus Rift. With a couple of weeks left to go before the official launch the studio has revealed a little bonus for anyone that does decide to buy the videogame early, a Golden Laser Pistol.


Unveiled via its twitter feed, Gunfire Games doesn’t detail any real abilities or special functions the gun may have other than a nice shiny exterior. What it does allude to however is the famous Golden Gun that first appeared – and been copied many times since – in GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 (N64) back in the 90s. This gun – as many of you should know – was one shot one kill, but it had to be reloaded after every shot which in the right hands meant it could be very deadly.

Every game needs a golden gun. Preorder @FromOtherSuns now to get your own! #FOSFriday #oculus #rift

— Gunfire Games (@gunfire_games) November 3, 2017

Featuring both single-player and multiplayer modes, From Other Suns puts you in a sci-fi universe where you’ll come face to face with ruthless pirates, lethal robots, and deadly aliens across procedurally generated environments. You’ll be able to upgrade your ship, stockpile weapons, and more whilst exploring the galaxy.

“Randomization is a key element in From Other Suns,” said Gunfire Games’ Development Director Ben Gabbard previously. “It affects the weapons, the encounters, the characters, and the level design. This helps to keep the game fresh and interesting for players the first time or the hundredth time they play.”

From Other Suns will be released on Tuesday, 14th November for $39.99 USD / £29.99 GBP. If you want to grab some money off then pre-ordering the title will save you $5/£5.


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