Do You Dare Enter The 13th Floor?

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You may be bored with Halloween already – or maybe looking forward to going trick or treating later – but if you’re not then there’s plenty of virtual reality (VR) scares available to keep you entertained. Even Fanta is getting in on the act with a new 360-degree experience called The 13th Floor.

Available for free, the immersive video puts viewers in a seemingly ordinary elevator as they head to a party on the 13 floor. Things start to take a turn for the worst when the floor is reached but the doors don’t open, and the floor numbers begin to skip all over the place.


As this is a horror video you can expect all sorts of jump scares – nothing too terrifying – as the elevator visits various floors at will, revealing all sorts of weird and wonderful characters behind each door. Beware though, as not everything is located outside the elevator, and as everyone knows all the best jump scares happen right behind you.

The video can be viewed below, or via the YouTube app if you’re on a mobile. Obviously to get the best experience – and to make it as scary as possible – you’ll want to use a VR head-mounted display like Google Cardboard or Google Daydream along with some headphones.

Source: vrfocus

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