Cargo Racing Available on Samsung Gear VR

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Recently, the developer Virtual Arts released their first VR Videogame, Cargo Racing for Samsung Gear VR. In Cargo Racing you need to race your vehicle through tracks which twist, turn and undulate all over the place in a bid to get the cargo you're carrying to the finish line as fast as you can.

As a purely single-player VR Videogame, there are total 9 levels in Cargo Racing, what players need to worry about is acceleration. There will be four parcels on the back of your truck, then you need to take them to the end of each track. Once the pracels fallout, it means that the level is completed. Therefore, what you need to take more attention is not only the parcels but also your time.

Cargo Racing

Interested gamers can download Cargo Racing via Oculus Store with £2.29 GBP right now.

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