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Finally, a new indie VR game that isn’t a wave shooter! Created by indie developer Deeperbeige Games, Bending the Light is a puzzle game launching exclusively on Oculus Rift today.

Arrive in an ethereal, dreamy world filled with colorful beams of light and ambient music to set the tone. In Bending the Light, players will apply different methods to bend and redirect multiple light beams to charge energy cells to complete each level. Players are encouraged to observe the laws of this virtual world and understand how to use the light-bending tools at their disposal.

The developer promises various challenges associated with each level, such as restrictions on which shades of light that can touch a mirror to increase difficulty. Experimentation is highly encouraged, as is toying with the magnetic orbs which can bend light beams to their will. Developer Chris Underwood describes the game experience as “comfortable and unpressured, yet engaging and involved.”

Sporting a total of 40 levels with secret collectibles to discover and “super-secret puzzles” to be solved within each level, creating a more complex experience for those who seek it out.


Bending the Light works with either the Oculus Touch controllers or a supporting gamepad allowing versatility to players who may not yet own Touch. Launching today, September 28th, the price is set for $15, though early players can grab the game on launch discount for just $10 (30% discount) once it launches the Oculus Store.

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