VR Adventure Cloudborn Released On Steam Early Access

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If you are looking for any new VR adventure title, a newly released Cloudborn by Swedish-based indie development studio Logtown Studios is worth checking out. It’s now available on Steam Early Access for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


Cloudborn is a VR exploration adventure game that will move you into a world of awe and wonder. Climbing and scaling the virtual world can help you uncover the fate of a lost civilization. Besides, you will be able to scale buildings, cliffs and vegetation using custom made momentum-system, allowing them to throw themselves between handholds to climb faster.
Main Features
  • A serene, bright yet mysterious setting.
  • Climbing with momentum:
  • Scale buildings, cliffs and vegetation to find your way through the remains of a broken world. Unique momentum-system allows skilled players to throw themselves between handholds to climb faster.
  • Non-violent gameplay:
  • Cloudborn is not a violent game, instead focusing on exploration and the challenge of traversing the world and finding a way to "cleanse" it.
  • Colorful aesthetics:
  • Cloudborn has a bright, colorful art-style inspired by Miyazaki movies and watercolors. 
Now, there are six complete levels to clamber through in Cloudborn’s early access state, with further content to be added in the future. 
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