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Yesterday we reported on Studio HG and publisher YJM Games announcing that their virtual reality (VR) title OVERTURN now had a confirmed release date of 17 October for both headsets. If you liked the look of the previous screenshots and cinematic trailer released then you’ll want to check out this new gameplay video.


As previously reported, OVERTURN’s adventure combines immersive puzzle elements with action gameplay across multiple hours of in-game levels, with the plot revolving around two subjects who are trying to escape from a deadly laboratory that engaged in live genetic experimentation.

Players are teamed up with fellow subject MAGI, together they must survive an onslaught of robotic enemies using an assortment of weapons, from beam rifles, energy swords and grenades, to mechanical robots and bare fists. MAGI has immensely powerful psychic powers, able to wield offensive powerups like Infinite Charge, Grenade, and Battle MAGI, and defensive abilities such as Time Slow, Shield, and HP.

Take a look at the frantic action in the gameplay video below

Source: vrfocus

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