HeroCade Coming to EU PS Store on Sep 26th

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HeroCade, Lucid Sight's latest VR Videogame with over-arching story will be available in EU PlayStation Store on Sep 26th, 2017. This overarching story connects the nine titles include together.


In HeroCade, players will be accompanied by an AI guide called ART3M1S and become trapped in a virtual construct from the far future. Clearing VR recreations of classic videogame titles will reveal new information and clues that will lead you through the history of the world you are trapped in, and perhaps eventually, reveal a way out.


Key Features:

- Jurassic Survival – Take your trusty gun and fight off prehistoric creatures.

- 405 Road Rage – Rule the road by bumping, side-swiping and even shooting other vehicles.

- PolyRunner VR – Avoid the obstacles and keep moving through the shifting, vibrant environment.

- Space Bit Attack – Shoot down aliens in this retro-inspired shooter.

- Zombie Strike – Pilot a drone in a last-ditch attempt to protect humanity from the zombie hordes.

- Turkey Hunt – Turkeys on the rampage and need to be cut down.

- Gumi No Yume – Konpeito the red panda needs your help to solve puzzles.

- Dreadhalls – With only a dim light to guide you, avoid the monsters and escape the dungeon.

- Sisters – Explore a creepy haunted house to find the secrets of what happened there long ago.


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