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MondlyVR, a language-learning app with voice recognition developed by ATi Studio, is available on Google Daydream now. In order to help students speak their niew language from day one, MondlyVR moves learners from books and flash cards to an immersive environment where they can speak and interact.


MondlyVR promises to teach 30 languages, ranging from those more commonly learned (such as English, Japanese, Farsi, Mandarin, and Spanish) to languages usually only studied by native speakers and linguistics nerds (such as Finnish and Hungarian.) The number of difficult languages for learners to choose from is impressive- 14 of the available learning choices rank among the hardest for native English speakers to learn.


However, MondlyVR couldn’t parse the language it perfectly transcribed. You can always see how the app interprets your vocalizations at the center of the screen. The theory of immersion behind MondlyVR is the perfect way to start learning, and it’s far less embarrassing to wade into the shallow end of a new language with a computer than have to embarrass yourself parroting scarcely-understood syllables back to a native speaker.



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