Become A Prison Boss From Inside Your Cell On HTC Vive

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Trebuchet’s Prison Boss VR is available to download for HTC Vive and is published on Steam today. In Prison Boss VR you’ll find yourself incarcerated, with your only avenue of escape to fall deeper down the rabbit whole and committing crimes while on the inside.


On your way up the inmate ranks you’ll be tasked with 80 different jobs. Completing these tasks will earn your reputation and cash, with which you can customize your cell and gain access to new equipment, thus taking on new jobs. However, discretion is important; the patrolling guards will not take too kindly to your ill-gotten gains should they be discovered.

Prison Boss VR features a Story Mode which sees you work your way through four different prisons, and also an Arcade Mode which challenges you with taking on task-after-task without being caught. Darkness is your friend, as after nightfall you can conduct your nefarious deeds with less chance of being caught.

Prison Boss VR is available to download via Steam now, priced with a 15% discount at £12.74 (GBP) for a limited time before it returns to £14.99 (GBP). 

Source: vrfocus

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