VR Game Unknown Fate’s Trailer Released for Gamescom

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For the upcoming Gamescom, Europe’s biggest videogame event, MarsLit Games has unveiled its latest trailer for virtual reality (VR) compatible experience Unknown Fate, showcasing the new characters, uncovering various new locations and highlighting some of the gameplay mechanics.

The atmosphere of Unknown Fate will captivate the players further through its original ambient music, composed by Stefano Gargiulo, the award-winning Italian film music composer, director of orchestra and multi-instrumentalist.


Unknown Fate is a story-driven first-person adventure set in a surreal universe. Players are playing the role of Richard to piece together his broken memories by exploring several worlds, each occupied by a guardian. There are four guardians, each of which occupies his own world, but there is a fifth, who has succeeded in breaking the boundaries tying him to one place. Able to roam all the worlds freely, this last guardian might be able to answer all the questions in Richard’s head, depending on which side is chosen.

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