VRog Jumps - First Person Fly Catching Title Lives on PS VR

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VRog Jumps puts the player in the role of a frog in a pond, with the aim of catching flies and other insects. Not all insects are edible, however, and some such as Wasps need to be actively avoided. The Frog can leap from lily pad to lily pad, which allows for blink-style locomotion without breaking immersion.

VRog Jumps

Curiously, VRog doesn’t use a Dual Shock controller or the PlayStation Move controller – everything is controlled by what direction the player is looking. This allows for a smoother movement when searching for insects to eat. Different insect types have different effects, both positive and negative, with the right kind of insect feast allowing time to move more slowly around the frog, making tracking prey easier.

VRog Jumps

VRog Jumps provides two game modes for all players.  In Survival Mode the Frog is pitted against a large Stork. In Arcade Mode, the player is given 90 seconds to eat as many insects as possible in order to beat the High Score.

Check the PS VR Store and begin your own journey here.

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