Alien: Isolation VR Mode Is Compatible With Oculus Rift

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With rich detail, atmosphere, and tense moments, the survival horror game Alien: Isolation (2014) offers terrifying VR gaming experience for players. A new mod has been released which adds VR support to the game for the consumer version of the Oculus Rift.


Dating back to 2014, the consumer Oculus Rift would release, Oculus headed to E3 with a playable demo of the game for its shiny DK2 headset along with other games. However, the hidden Alien: Isolation VR mode wasn’t compatible with the consumer Rift. Even so, that didn’t stop people from clamoring to play the game in VR. Their desire spawned multiple petitions to try to get publisher Sega to update the game with modern VR support. 

A team of modders make it possible for players to play the entire game using either an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive with an alpha version of MotherVR. Simply download this patch, copy the DLL file from the archive into the game folder, the players who have bought this game can access now. That’s still with a gamepad, mind you; the team has done a great job converting the original game into the uncharted territory of the VR port, but it sticks with mouse and keyboard control.


Be warned, though, this isn’t a professionally-made VR port, and thus you can expect some comfort and immersion-breaking issues throughout. If walking with artificial locomotion isn’t your thing then you’ll have to give this one a miss and, even if you’re not, forced camera turns and other issues might get your stomach rolling a little. If you’re up to it, though, there’s a lengthy and worthwhile campaign to see through, and staring down the iconic Xenomorph in VR is truly a frightening ordeal. You can even play the DLC expansion that released later on, retelling the events of the original movie.

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