VR Survival Game Ark Park Launches Teaser Trailer at Chinajoy

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Chinajoy 2017 kicks off today in China, Snail Games showcases their upcoming VR survival game Ark Park in their booth for players to explore the Jurassic world. Check out the latest exclusive teaser trailer below:

Ark Park is an virtual reality spin-off on ARK: Survival Evolved. Developed by Snail/Peacock Studio and creatively consulted by Studio Wildcard. The game is set to be released for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, somewhere in the year 2017.


Ark Park is a large theme park full of dinosaurs. There is a mono-rail which brings people to and from the main entrance. The main building is rather similar in appearance to the "Visitor Center" in Jurassic World. There are many paths and bridges, also buggy's which can be driven on paths. The dinosaurs appears to be using the same models as in Vanilla ARK: Survival Evolved. No creatures from the DLC Scorched Earth are confirmed yet. Only very few mammals seem to make an appearance, like Phiomias, Castoroides, and Mesopithecus. 


Apart from prehistoric sceneries and various dinosaurs, the brand new game mode is unveiled through the trailer -- Tower Defense! Players will join the battle to protect the tower from the dinosaurs by choosing weapons, cooperating with friends and attacking the enemies.

Interested gamers can visit the Ark Park gamelist to learn more information.

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