Combat VR Game Age of Heroes Launches at Steam Today

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Age of Heroes is a multiplayer combat VR game that emphasizes physical and intense boss battles. Today Omni Games has launched the game at Steam. Pick up your weapons, choose your classes, team up with other players, and banish evil demons to protect the world!  The game is set to be a hit with virtual reality fans with its team focused combat, multiple classes, and actual body movement system.

Set in a fantasy world, Age of Heroes pits players against challenging enemies in multiplayer raids. Utilizing actual body movement, players can sling fireballs, summon creatures and heal allies in an engrossing multiplayer virtual reality experience that seeks to provide fans of MMORPG combat with the VR game they have been looking for.


Age of Heroes involves multiple classes: mage, warlock, archer, priest, and warrior. The uniqueness of the classes creates opportunities for strategy and teamwork between players. Each class has its own skill set and development. By choosing different skills, you can create your own play style and create a character that best fits your own strategy and personality.
At launch, 4 classes will be available:
  • Mages are noble masters of the element power from the Energy Source. Mages can deal powerful Area of Effect (AoE) and slow enemies attacks. 
  • Archers are professionally-trained fighters who shoot volleys of arrows upon their foes. The faster the arrows are shot, the more damage they can inflict.
  • Warlocks can summon mighty golems. Warlocks are drawn to the dark side of the Energy Source. They have mastered the way of fighting demons. 
  • Priests are the key supporters in a team. Their healing and resurrection skills are crucial in raids. 
After launch, the game will add the warrior class:
  • Warriors are tanks and have massive defensive abilities. Warriors are best suited for near or middle range attacks. 
There will be 3 different raids at launch: Hall of Death, Freezing Stronghold, and Fort of Horror. Each raid contains battles and bosses that require team cooperation and different raid strategies. 
In Age of Heroes, you need physical body movements like ducking or quick dodging to avoid darts and boss special abilities. Age of Heroes adapts for different room sizes, you can set different game configurations to complete all tasks with just slight movements for small rooms or change the configuration to use big movements for larger rooms. Physical movements are triggered when you see the alert on the ground or hear the NPC voice alert, then you know it’s time to react. 
Interested gamers can head for the Steam Page to learn more about the game.

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