The Blue Leaf Cafe Offering AR Dates with Vocaloid Miku

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Recently, the Blue Lead Cafe announced that their will provide customers the opportunity to play with Hatsune Miku, the famous virtual music idol in Vocaloid software.

Vocaloid Miku

The Miku virtual date promo will be launched at the Blue Lead Cafe in Sendai City from Jul 8th to Jul 9th, and the second period is Jul 15th to Jul 17th, 2017. During the event period, customers can pre-install the Miku Stroll Cafe Edition app to interact with Miku.

Vocaloid Miku

Moreover, the Blue Lead Cafe will offering Miku themed products for sale during Jul 8th to Jul 31st. Some of these products will be showed in the Miku's 10th Anniversary in this August.

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