How Do You Like Marriying a Virtual Bride?

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VR has been widely used in our daily life now, like education, games, shopping, navigation, etc. But when it comes to wedding, how does it feel like when marrying a virtual bride?


As part of a publicity stunt by adult game brand Hibiki Works, close to 100 men in Japan got to take part in a virtual wedding ceremony, “marrying” a character from the erotic game New Wife: Lovely X Cation.


Groom after groom (mostly all selected from a lottery), were put through quick virtual wedding ceremonies over an 11-hour period at an actual seaside chapel in Tokyo. One by one, each groom put on a tuxedo, got their height measured, and patiently stood at the altar donning a HTC Vive headset.


The virtual chapel looks similar to the one you’re already standing in. But in VR, off to your right stands the virtual officiant, grinning behind a podium. Standing in front of you, your bride-to-be.


The ceremony is short, with you both exchanging vows. And just like an actual wedding, the ceremony concludes with “you may now kiss the bride.”


Your lips meet a marshmallow for the big kiss.

This is when a staff member holding a Vive controller in one hand and tongs gripping a marshmallow in the other scurries up as you lean in for the kiss. Your lips meet the marshmallow—you did it!


The game company put out a call for eligible “grooms” to apply for the wedding ceremony back in April before the game’s release. Aside from a little sugar on your lips, the grooms also got to take home a photo to remember this important life event.

Source: VR Scout

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