Hack N' Slash Game Smashing the Battle VR Now Playable for HTC VIVE

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Presented by YJM Games, Smashing the Battle VR is now accessible on Steam for HTC VIVE. The long awaited VIVE version has just released on June 16th 2017 worldwide and now is available to download on Steam.


Smashing the Battle VR is a hack and slash VR game that offers you a high quality game with excellent graphic and the game will be playable using a gamepad or VIVE controllers. Studio HG has proven its quality through the amazing graphic and gameplay which can be seen from the mobile and PC version of Smashing the Battle.

Smashing the Battle VR will take you to the year of 2085 where a massive scale of hacking incident happens. A huge multiplex construction site becomes a victim of the incident and the construction robots start to attack the workers on site. Pick one of two heroines to go with you to the battle and follow the storyline of your heroine!


In Smashing the Battle VR, you will be able to experience a number of great features that will let you immerse to the storyline and gameplay. There are 2 heroines available - Sarah O’Connel and Mary Lucy. Each of the heroin hold a different storyline and have a different set of skills. They also have various unique suits that you can unlock later in the game. Pick wisely before going to the battle and be sure to follow their destiny to the end!

The enemy robots will not stand and let you smash them! They will try to prevent you from investigating the incident. In the battle, you will also find various obstacles that are set by the robot as the attempt to stop you. Be strategic and use different tactics to defeat them, execute combos to keep the combat interesting!


You will be able to use various skills by consuming your SP. Gain your SP by dodging attacks, smashing the enemies and collecting numerous priceless cubes that drop during the battle. Each stage contains different hazardous obstacles. These challenges will affect your gameplay so be creative and don’t be afraid to try a new strategy on every stage!


As the bonus content, you can also find various fanarts drawn by many talented artists. For all of you who are looking for a fun hack n' slash classics, Smashing The Battle VR is the best choice for you and it will bring you the high quality action game. Interested gamers can head for the Steam page to learn more.

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