Are You Still Waiting for Dark and Light?

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The Dark and Light team updated an article on its Steam page detailing Elementals in the game. 

Elementals are physical embodiments of concentrated elemental magic. Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Dark, and Light magic can be harnessed by players and used for destruction, healing, protection, and various other useful purposes.


Wind Elementals are wispy, ethereal things. They’re difficult to spot and can only be found in extremely high altitudes. Fire Elementals emit such intense heat that they can raise the temperature of the area to unbearable levels for ill-equipped adventurers. Dark Elementals are pure evils. They’re more formidable than other Elementals. 


There're also bite-sized Elementals - Imps. They may not have quite as much combat strength as true Elementals. They can still put up a fight. However, Imps’ true strength is in their utility. Based on their elemental alignment, tamed Imps can assist with important daily tasks. Fire Imps, for example, can function as mobile campfires, providing light, heat, and even cooking food while supporting players in combat.


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