What Do You Know about Revelation Online's Snowpine Reach?

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Snowpine Reach is a snow laden land that is located at the very north-eastern reaches of Revelation Online's Nuanor.

Two warring factions - the Wingar and the Ursids have both made a base of operations in Snowpine Reach which results in an unending battle that threatens to spill over and cause problems for its peaceful residents. If you choose to aid one of the rivalling factions, speak with the Camp Escort to receive a quest that will allow you to side with the Wingar or Ursids.


Snowpine Reach is also home to two ferocious beast tribes - The Snow Apes, led by one known as Red Rump, and the Snow Prowlers, led by their Empowered Snow Prowler.


In Snowpine Reach, players can always speak with the Commerce Steward for daily Snowpine Reach quests to improve overall reputation with the locals. By winning their favour, players could earn goods that are exclusive to Snowpine Reach itself.


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